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Making a name for yourself online has never been harder than it is now, especially on YouTube. The online social video space is oversaturated with creators all competing for the viewer’s time, and the algorithms tend to heavily favor those that already have an audience to their name.

This leads to a lot of people down the path of considering the option of buying YouTube likes, YouTube views, and even YouTube subscribers from a service in hopes of giving themselves a boost in the fight against the YouTube search engine. It’s a controversial subject and one that comes with plenty of pros and cons.

Before you start, though, remember to treat these things like tools, similar to paid advertisements, rather than relying on them for all of your Social Blade numbers.

Can I Buy YouTube Likes?

While yes, you technically can digitally go and buy YouTube likes from a likes service provider whenever strikes your fancy, there are a few things you need to be aware of that influence whether or not you actually can buy YouTube likes. If you want likes, buy them, just keep some things in mind.

Google AdSense Doesn’t Allow It

The first is buying likes with GoogleAdSense. When you have access to the YouTube partner program, it means you’ve grown your channel enough to the point where you can start to monetize your videos and play ads on them. This is a great goal to achieve, but it also means that you can’t buy YouTube likes. Being a partner and buying YouTube views, likes or subscribers is strictly against the AdSense terms of service and is going to get you not just demonetized, but terminated as well.

YouTube Can Terminate Your Channel

It’s not just when you’re a partner that buying likes is a risky business, though. While the consequences may not be as severe, YouTube can still terminate your channel if you’re found to be taking advantage of fake engagement in any form, be it YouTube likes, viewers, subscribers, or even comments.

That’s not all of it, though, as YouTube doesn’t even let people post content that might create artificial engagement. This isn’t even just for buying services, though. It also includes sub4sub, which is an old subscriber building strategy that involved subscribing to people if they subscribed to you back. However, while you may get banned for buying false engagement, you only get a strike on YouTube’s three strikes and your out system. You can read YouTube’s terms of service on false engagement here if you’re interested in knowing more of the ins and outs.

Likes and Views Should Make Sense

It’s also worth noting that it would be a bad idea to buy a bunch of YouTube likes, and not the views to match. You can’t have likes on your video if it doesn’t have any views, and the point of buying likes is to make it look natural. So keep that in mind when the time comes to actually buy whatever it is you’re interested in.

Having said all that, if you consider the risk to be worth the reward, then read on.

Why Buy YouTube Likes – Social Proof

While plenty of people can confidently say that they want to buy YouTube likes from a likes service company, far fewer people can give a precise reason why. It’s a situation of knowing that it is going to benefit you, but not exactly knowing how. Well, there are a few reasons to buy real YouTube likes.


It influences perception. Unfortunately, on social media, it’s not all about the content. Whether that be Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or anything else, people are going to be influenced by the opinions of others. Even if the content you produce is exceptional, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to even click on your video in the first place if it only has a handful of YouTube likes. Perhaps it’s part laziness, as people don’t want to waste their time with something that’s not entertaining, or perhaps they put too much stock in the YouTube search algorithm and think that if it was worth the views, it would have them.

Fewer Likes Lead to Fewer Likes

Either way, having fewer views and likes means fewer people clicking on your videos, which means even fewer views and likes. It’s a vicious cycle.

Boost Search Engine Results

Of course, that’s only one of two reasons for buying YouTube likes and views. The other is the boost that your content is going to get in the search engine, making it show up towards the top in the search results. YouTube’s search algorithm heavily favors channels with plenty of views and subscribers. Once again, this makes it even harder for the little guy to get discovered and can serve as quite a severe point of frustration for a lot of smaller channels.

Not All Like Buying Services are the Same

This is obvious. There are differences between fast delivery times, whether or not a service company is 100% safe, along with some other factors. However, it’s a bit deeper than that. So let’s talk a little bit about how YouTube detects bought likes, subscribers, and so on. In the majority of cases, it is an automated bot function that finds channels and videos with bought engagement. These bots scan over the various analytics and traffic reports of your videos to determine whether or not you have been buying video likes. Things like where the traffic is coming from, watch time, and retention rate all play a factor here, but generally, you should operate under the assumption that if you’re paying for standard botted likes, then there is a chance that you’re going to get caught for it.

However, you’re only going to be buying mass botted likes, or YouTube views from certain YouTube likes service providers. In an effort to combat the technological advancements of YouTube’s bot detection, like and view providers have developed a new system to provide their services while not getting stung by the bots. This method involves using actual real accounts that work with the provider to like your video, instead of inactive accounts that exist purely for the purpose of liking YouTube videos.

You can determine if the provider you’re looking at operates this way using two different methods, the first of which is pricing for YouTube video likes. A like buying service is going to charge more if it’s using the real account method. Doing this requires more care and effort on the part of the provider, so naturally, it’s going to cost more.

The second is to simply look at what other customers are saying about it. There are always people discussing different services when it comes to social media, and buying YouTube likes is no exception. Whether it be Reddit or a different independent forum, try to find some people who have bought likes or views from that particular service and see what the general consensus is.

When you’ve found the YouTube video likes service providers that work with real YouTube likes, the primary difference between them is going to the price and each company’s policy on fast delivery. Most video likes service companies operate a fast delivery policy of 24 hours, meaning there is a day set up period for your likes to get ready to be injected into your video.

The Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic

Organic and non-organic are not terms that are exclusive to the world of healthy eating. Understanding the simple difference between organic and non-organic views, likes, and subscribers is going to help you exponentially when it comes to growing your YouTube channel, whether you buy likes or otherwise.

Non-Organic Engagement

Non-organic engagement is an engagement that has clearly been bought or botted. These are things like a video with 100,000 views and three comments, here you can clearly see that the view count is non-organic. While all likes that you buy are going to be non-organic, the trick is to make it seem like it is, which is why the services that provide the new system of like buying work so well.

Organic Engagement

You can probably guess that organic engagement is an engagement that has come naturally through the YouTube system. Real viewers that tune in or find your videos and comment or like them can be considered organic engagement.

Remember, the point of purchasing non-organic engagement is to boost organic engagement. Organic is the end goal, so never find yourself relying on non-organic. If you are, you may need to rethink your YouTube content or your promotion plan.

It’s All About SEO

Once we accept that organic traffic is the end goal, everything becomes about search engine optimization. The point of bought likes is to get real people to click on the YouTube video, so we want to do everything in our power to make this happen.

While having more YouTube likes is going to give you a boost in the YouTube search results like we’ve talked about, it’s not all there is to it. You need to understand your target audience. If this isn’t something you’ve done yet, here is a good article on the subject. It’s more about business and enterprise, but it all still applies to YouTube.

You need to understand why people would stick around on your videos and give you those organic likes, comments, and subscribes. Know who it is you’re appealing to when you make content, what type of titles they click on, and what thumbnails they’re attracted to.

On top of that, don’t neglect your tags. The tags on a video tell the search engine what it’s about, meaning the search engine is going to display the video when people search for those terms. So tag relevant to the content of the video and your audience, but tag excessively.

Can You Pay for Like on YouTube?

Hopefully, by now, you understand that YouTube wants nothing to do with providing engagement for cash, meaning you obviously can’t purchase them directly off the platform. That being said, you can pay for YouTube likes elsewhere. In fact, if you find somewhere promoting free YouTube likes or views, don’t use them. Chances are that the provider isn’t going to give you the best chances at slipping past YouTube’s detection system, meaning you run the risk of losing your channel for it.

So yes, you can pay for YouTube likes, just not on YouTube. Moreso, you’re going to have to pay for likes if you want to buy them.

How to Buy Likes on YouTube?

Ideally, the process of buying YouTube likes, YouTube views, or YouTube subscribers starts way before you even start taking your channel seriously. Of course, you can just make a random channel and buy some views and likes for it, but that’s superficial.

Remember, the point is to try and boost organic traffic, meaning you’re going to want a plan to take advantage of the likes that you buy on YouTube.

Like we mentioned, make sure you have your target market on YouTube, narrowed down, and understand what they want to watch. Once you have that knowledge, you need to actually execute on it, so make sure that you’re purposefully making tailor-made content for them.

Once you have that in check, you need a YouTube posting schedule. This is going to depend on the type of content you make and how much time you have. Whether you can make 10 videos in a week or one, remember that consistency is key. If a potential new subscriber clicks into your YouTube channel to see what’s up, and inconsistent uploading pattern is going to be a turnoff. You don’t want videos days apart, then months, then days again.

Once you’re uploading your tailor-made content on a consistent schedule, you have one more step to make sure that you can take advantage of the likes, and that is coming up with a plan to capitalize on the boost in traffic you’re going to get on your YouTube channel and increase your conversion rate.

Your conversion rate on social media refers to the ratio of users that watch your videos, versus those who actually subscribe. The ultimate goal you have is for every viewer is to get them to subscribe, and with an incoming boost in real viewers than to the SEO benefits of buying YouTube likes, you’ve got a lot of conversions to do.

Generally, the best conversion tactic you can use is to just create good quality YouTube content. Do that, and users are going to stick around. However, you’re paying for this boost, so go out of your way to take advantage of it.

Make sure you include a call to action. A call to action or CTA is when YouTubers ask their viewers to like, comment, and subscribe at the start or end of a video. It’s a simple strategy that has surprisingly potent results.

You could also consider hosting a giveaway on your YouTube channel that requires users to like and subscribe. While you have to pay for a prize, often a contest is a great way to give yourself a subscriber boost, especially when combined with something else. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can read about it here.

Once you have all that stuff in place, it’s finally time to buy YouTube video likes. If you’re looking for fast delivery, we recommend looking for a provider that allows you to buy YouTube likes cheap with fast delivery while also have a positive track record when it comes to channel safety. 100% safe is a red flag, though, as you can never be sure YouTube isn’t going to strike your channel. On top of that, they allow you to buy real YouTube likes, which is going to go along way to increase organic traffic.

Think about how many likes you want to buy and head on over to the website. Getting 100 likes is always a solid number and isn’t going to cost you a bomb, but 500 likes is always an option if you’re looking for an extra boost and is still relatively cheap.

Input the number of likes you want to buy for your video, create your account, link to the video on YouTube, and confirm the payment. You’re able to pick when you want the likes to be delivered, whether you want the shortest delivery time possible, or if you want to schedule it in the future. Regardless, finishing up the transaction, and you’re done. The rest of the hard work is up to you from here on out.

Pros and Cons

There are a considerable number of pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking about buying real YouTube likes. Not only do you have standard pros and cons, but you’ve got extra ones depending on the number of likes you buy for your video if you decide to buy YouTube views if you decide to buy YouTube subscribers, and more.

Pros of buying real YouTube likes:

Generally, average YouTube users can’t tell the difference between bought and real YouTube video likes. This means that you’re unlikely to be flagged, and the social proofing of those likes on your videos is going to increase the number of real users that click on them.

You get to choose how many likes/the number of likes you purchase for your video. You can buy 100 likes, 500 likes, 50 likes, or 5000 likes; it’s fully customizable. You also have the option to buy real YouTube subscribers, as well as other YouTube services, if you want an extra boost.

Having just 100 likes extra can boost your SEO rating by a substantial amount, so even the smallest of investments into likes buying can make a big difference.

Having a larger YouTube presence is going to allow you to promote your other social media. The number of likes you get on any platform is going to be an indicator of quality and following, so when users see that your video has a high number of likes, they’re more likely to go and check out your other social media, and visa versa.

When you buy YouTube likes, the whole process is digital, meaning that you have really fast delivery times. No matter what number of likes you buy, you typically shouldn’t be waiting any longer than 24 hours to receive them. The same also applies to the other video and YouTube services that are offered. Fast delivery times are standard.

You get the choice of when you want your YouTube video likes to be injected. Regardless of what number you’re working with, you can decide to space it out for a later date or have all the likes come flooding to your video in one go.

If you do decide to buy real YouTube likes over other YouTube likes, you’re going to be getting a service that is safer for a number of reasons. While no YouTube likes service provider can guarantee that your account remains 100% safe, your chances are much higher when you go with real likes.

It’s easy to buy YouTube likes. Some people would think that the process of buying something as abstract as YouTube video likes is difficult, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The processor is straight forward, simple, and shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

Cons of buying YouTube likes:

It isn’t 100% safe. No YouTube likes service provider can guarantee that your video or channel is going to be 100% safe. It’s simply not possible. While it can maximize the quality of its service to minimize the risk, you can never eliminate it entirely.

You have to spend money to buy YouTube likes. Obviously, you might say, but think of it from a business perspective. If your goal is to make money from YouTube, in other words, turn a profit, you’re going to already be down cash before you’ve got started. Now, this is common as you need to invest to profit, but social media is unique in that it allows you to make a return without much financial investment, to begin with.

Other social media sites may not be as forgiving as YouTube. People deciding to buy YouTube likes has been a thing for over a decade. It is one of the oldest social media platforms, and as such, has had to deal with all the classic problems that other sites like Instagram may not have. This has led to YouTube taking a softer stance on buying video likes than other sites, so keep that in mind.

Fast delivery for youtube video likes is still a minimum of 24 hours. Despite the complete digital nature of the purchase, when you buy YouTube video likes there is still a setup process that needs to happen. Accounts need to be put in place, and all the technical mechanics behind the service need to be set up, so you’re still going to be waiting at least a day for your YouTube video likes to come in.

In general, social media looks down people that buy YouTube video likes. Buying likes on YouTube is a taboo subject. Most people on social media believe that video likes should be completely earned with no external help. So you want to keep quiet if you decide to buy YouTube likes.

Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, users that buy YouTube video likes are breaking the YouTube terms of service. While YouTube certainly isn’t a paragon of good morals, some creators may feel reluctant to break the TOS out of principle, which is fine; it just means you aren’t going to be able to buy YouTube video likes.

One big downside of using an external service to purchase likes on your video is the amount of planning that you need to do. You can just buy the likes and be done with it, but to fully take advantage of it, you need a plan. Those bought likes are going to bring in more likes from real people, so you need a way to keep those people watching and leaving likes on your videos.

How To Boost YouTube likes on Your Videos

If you really want to boost the number of youtube likes on your videos, you need to do more than simply buying some video likes from a service provider. You need to actively be engaging with your channel and content, and really trying to cultivate some organic traffic, whether that be YouTube likes, views on your videos, or subscribers.

Start with your content. Good content makes people want to like your video. After that, you need to be thinking about your marketing education. That might sound a bit heavy when all you’re doing is looking for a couple of YouTube likes, but we’re not trying to create a viral video here, we’re trying to grow a channel. Hootsuite has a great article on how the YouTube algorithm works, so ensure that you check that out.

SherpaBlog also has plenty of content on marketing to read up on, including one about conversion, which can be applied to turning YouTube likes into subscribers.

All in all, the quality of your content, plus your knowledge of YouTube marketing, is going to help you increase video likes. While you can buy YouTube likes to give you a nice little boost, use those service providers as a tool, instead of relying on them.