How to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Channel Performance

Amassing millions of subscribers on YouTube is not an easy endeavor. Some have struggle breaking the one-hundred subscriber mark. So, you might be wondering what the secret of people with a big name on YouTube is. Lucky are those who have established a name for themselves before joining in the fun. These include celebrities because they can ask their fans to subscribe to their channels. They already have solid followers.

How about those who are still starting out? Where do you even begin?

Enter social proof. Many of the successful YouTube personalities today heavily rely on it to generate viral videos and lure people into buying subs/views. Here, let’s get to know more about this powerful tactic and how to use it effectively on your next YouTube content.

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What Is Social Proof?

Let’s say you’re planning to purchase a brand new car. How do you usually come up with a decision about which brand or model to choose? It might be getting a recommendation from your friend or reading online reviews. More likely, you want to base your buying decision on the kinds of cars most people drive today. This is what social proof is all about.

Simply putting it, social proof is the idea that consumers make decisions based upon what other people do or say. When looking for the funniest videos, for example, we tend to click on contents with the highest number of views due to the idea that it will satisfy our entertainment needs (since it was able to reach such massive numbers of views and comments). That’s how social proof also works. Our decisions are greatly influenced by the usability or popularity of the content.

Why Social Proof Is An Essential YouTube Ingredient?

Whether it is for personal branding or business branding, social proof is a must-have digital armor. It could be your ideal tool for achieving a successful digital presence. For instance, marketers can easily convince people that service and/or product that acquired revenue or attention from other people is something they must be purchased, too. Brands use social proof to boost conversions and increase their client base exponentially as more people engage in and make a noise around services or products they offer.

Not fully convinced yet? We’ll leave it here…

  • Social proof can establish brand/company reputation (for business owners or marketers)
  • Qualitative social proof such as testimonials from other people can show off your unique feature and highlight your expertise
  • People trust recommendations from friends and family members about certain contents to be viewed
  • You have an edge against other people in your field especially if they don’t have reliable social proof available online (e.g., recommendations)

How Can You Use Social Proof To Trick People Into Subbing For Your Channel/Watching Your Videos?

Lucky for you, there are multiple ways to incorporate this social proof on YouTube for you to encourage your audience to watch your videos or sub for your channel. Here we go!

Work with an influencer for endorsements

If you know someone who has thousands or even millions of subscribers on YouTube, consider getting his support for endorsing your channel or what you do. Just best your target audience in mind. As possible, work with a person whose values and voice perfectly alignswith yours.

…or collaborate for a social media event

Perhaps, inviting a guest or expert for your social media event might be a good idea? This could be YouTube live video discussions. Such collaboration will enable you to tap into the positive influence of your guest and simultaneously give your viewers a rare chance to learn and hear from him or her.

Create how-to videos

How-to videos are a popular form of video content on YouTube. They give more information and depth. Most millennials today prefer watching videos that feature demos, so why not take advantage of this trend to gain a new audience? Again, high-quality content is still your best asset.

Share testimonials

Especially if you want to gain the trust of your audience, testimonials can produce a good result. It should provide accurate feedback about the viewers’ experience. Let’s say you’re a fitness guru. Sharing testimonials from a lot of people through your content is an ideal way to prove the value of your workout routines.


Earning the audience’s loyalty is not just about posting valuable content on YouTube. Being responsive really makes a huge difference. Take live videos to engage with your viewers or be responsive by commenting and liking various comments as possible. Doing so will also aid in building trust.

Show appreciation for the mentions you receive

Every now and then, you could receive a nice mention from an influencer or someone in your industry. Think of it as a multi-testimonial. Make sure to collect the insights of other accounts or users, respond to them, and magnifythem on your YouTube channel. Phrases like “honored to be featured” are better.

Use shout-outs in your video

A fun, social proof on YouTube can also be used on your content. It’s also a way of appreciating what other accounts have to do or say good about you and your channel. You can give a simple shout-out to your online viewers too.

Social share counts matter

The number of users served is also a popular type of social proof which you can benefit from. You can share your social share count numbers on your other accounts to prove your credibility as a YouTube star.

Don’t forget to share your milestones

Your audience plays a huge role in the overall success of your YouTube channel, so make sure not to leave them hanging around! Update them about various milestones you are able to reach, from as simple as creating a program to celebrating anniversaries to embarking a million-mark subscriber. This is a perfect time to thank them for achieving such milestones you never thought possible.

Using social proof to increase YouTube subscribers and views

How have you been using social proof in your YouTube content? I hope these ideas could help you get started on social proof and ultimately achieve another huge milestone you truly deserve!