How to Start Branding Yourself on YouTube

Apart from being the main hub of online videos both for regular consumers and marketing professionals, YouTube is highly regarded as the second biggest search engine too. And did you know that up to one billion hours are being watched on this platform every single day?

These prove how essential YouTube is for individuals and businesses. It hosts thousands of channels and millions of subscribers worldwide. Hence, how would you stand out from the crowd? Branding yourself is definitely one sure-fire way. But how should you get started? Stick with us, and we will unlock some valuable information for you!

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Why Is Branding On YouTube Important?

Let’s just put it this way:

Why do you dress professionally and have the need to equip yourself with the right knowledge about the company you’re eyeing to get a job position? Yes, to leave a good impression on the employer. This will also serve as your stepping stone towards getting that job.

The same works with YouTube branding, personal branding essentially refers to your voice, your public image, and who you are. We’re talking about your credibility. And similar to job application, you’ll be competing against a lot of other aspirants to get the same career opportunity. So, you need a robust branding strategy on YouTube to make sure you will get your worth as an influencer. 

Branding Is All About Creating Your Own Mark

YouTube branding is not just about your voice and persona. It also emphasizes your brand fonts and colors, logo, images, and icons you use, as well as the way the website is designed.

It is much more challenging to connect with people online than in actual life, is it? There are so many barriers that you need to remove between you and your audience. You have a single chance to impress them with your valuable content, so don’t allow it to slip out of your hands.

How To Start Branding Your Channel?

You may be wondering…

  • How do users insert personality in everything they do so it would feel more elating and familiar?
  • How do some well-known influencers keep their viewers coming back and yearning for more?

Well, it might be due to these efficient tips!

1. It all starts with yourself

“Who are you?”                

Here is a challenging question for you to answer clearly on your channel. Determine the person you want people to see. Let’s say you’re a fitness instructor. You can share lifestyle tips, exercises, etc. to attract more people to your website. You can use your knowledge and experience as a powerful tool to show yourself an expert at the things you do.

2. Make a good profile

It is okay to use your real name, though coming up with something more memorable would be better. Take Klossy as an example. Of course, don’t forget to fill out the bio section. Use a professionally taken picture. Choose one that is recognizable since it will be displayed following your comments.

3. Pick a relatable niche and stick with it

Here, consistency is extremely imperative. You cannot expect viewers to return and subscribe with just one viral video. You want them to acknowledgeyou and stick with your advice. The best thing you can do is focus on your chosen niche and continue uploading valuable clips. Eventually, you’ll find yourself having a loyal fanbase.

4. Create notable contents and optimize

On YouTube, content is king. After all, it is where your brand will be established. Hence, ensure you’re constantly producing high-quality, remarkable videos worth spreading. They could either be interesting or funny. People these days mostly prefer short videos, so take advantage of it. After finalizing your content, promote it across your channel in order to reach more viewers.

5. Watermark your videos

The watermark could be anything a user prefers – brand logo, custom watermark, or website URL. You can find it in the video’s bottom right corner. Using it will help boost your brand recognition and aids with theft protection. Add it to each of your videos so the audience will consistentlysee your brand and link it with your content.

6. Leverage the power of intro bumper and brand tag

An intro bumper could also increase your brand awareness. Put a short video bumper at the beginning of your clips and then add sound and a simple graphic. On the other hand, brand tags will give your YouTube videos more views by allowing them to appear in the ‘Related Videos’ section.

7. Brand your channel

Another important tip you shouldn’t overlook is branding your channel in every place. Use an appealing intro, recognizable thumbnails, and distinct speech and style. It is possible to use different intros, but they must feature your name.

8. Collaborate

If there are channels that are in the same field as yours, why not partner up with them? This is specifically ideal for starting entrepreneurs and small businesses. You’ll have an opportunity to get your content to be seen by a wide range of audience and (hopefully) subscribe to your channel.

9. Share & share

Now, you have made your video content and posted it on YouTube, so make sure to keep sharing them. There are several ways to do it – you can link videos to your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) or with your blog. The more video content to share, the more views, comments, shares, and subscribers you will attract. It will take time before turning yourself into an authority, yes, but the rewards would be sweeter.

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Your Brand is Your Unique Message!

YouTube is all about providing value to the audience. They must find something special on your channel that they cannot find anywhere else. This simply means focusing on creating your own unique brand and consistently developing it.

Branding yourself on YouTube with these tips is an excellent way to separate yourself from others in your field. Just be consistent. That will be your secret ingredient. No, it is not only about posting on the social network regularly. Rather, it’s also about integrating your brand message and look.