Terms of Service

  1. General Terms

    1. These general terms (“Terms“) apply when Tink AB corporate ID number 556898-2192, Döbelnsgatan 24, 113 52 Stockholm, e-mail: info@tink.se, phone: +46 (0)8‐50 90 89 00 (“Tink“) provides private financial services via the web or app (“Service“).
    2. To use the Service you must be at least 18 years of age and/or otherwise be authorised to enter in agreements and agree to be bound by the Terms.
    3. By using the Service you agree to and accept the Terms, including the provisions concerning the treatment of personal data in paragraph 5.
  2. The Service

    1. When using the Service you have the option to provide Tink with access to your login details for third parties as well as banks and other service providers. By using the Service and providing Tink with access to your login details for such providers’ pages (“External Login Details“) you approve of Tink using the External Login Details in order to download information from these external user accounts (“Information“) for use in the Service in accordance with these Terms. The Information can also include personal data, which is processed in accordance with paragraph 5.
    2. Use of the Service is free of charge. Traffic charges to your mobile operator or internet provider may apply.
    3. The Service may include links to or offers from external partners who have terms other than Tink. In such cases this will be made clear to the user. Users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these terms.
    4. Tink has the right at any time to change the Service, change the Terms or cease providing the Service. Tink shall with reasonable notice notify the user in the event of any change to the Terms. If you do not accept the changed terms you have the right to terminate the agreement with Tink prior to the changed Terms coming into effect.
    5. You can at any time close your account and your use of the Service. Tink will then erase all External Login Details and all other information that could be referred to you.
    6. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right to use the External Login Details and the Information in the Service. You are also responsible for all use of your login details for the Service.
  3. Permitted Use

    1. It is not permitted to copy, modify, distribute or publish content provided by Tink. However it is permitted to download, copy and save information from Tink for your own personal use.
    2. You are responsible for and thereby guarantee that:
      1. The Information you upload or post in the Service does not violate another’s rights or is otherwise in breach of the law or another’s rights.
      2. You have the right to have at one’s disposal the External Login Details and the Information and have obtained the required consent to the extent required to use the Service and so that Tink shall have the right to provide you with the Service.
  4. Breach of Contract and Liability

    1. Tink has the right at any time to turn off a user and close an account if the user is in breach of the Terms or otherwise uses the Service in a manner that can cause damage to Tink or a third party.
    2. Tink intends that all information in the Service is correct and as up-to-date as possible. Tink cannot however guarantee the availability of the Service or the reliability or accuracy of the information that is presented in the Service. Tink cannot be held accountable for the Service going down or if any information or functionality does not work as expected.
    3. Tink shall not have any responsibility for any financial or other decision you take based on use of the Service or for services or goods you choose to buy from independent third parties or Tink’s partners.
  5. Personal Data

    1. Tink collects and processes personal data about you when you use the Service. By accepting the Terms you consent that your personal data is processed in the manner specified in paragraph 5.
    2. Tink collects personal data about you through your registration and use of the Service as well as what Tink from time to time is given access to through your external user account. Tink can also record additional data from public registers or information that can be read from existing data, such as your personal ID number.
    3. In order to be able to make the Service as good and as personal as possible, Tink may process such detailed data about you that is available to Tink in accordance with item 5.2, such as, name, contact details, personal ID number, age, gender, information regarding purchases or other transactions (e.g. type of goods and services, price, time and place), financial information (e.g. income, assets and loans), family relations and information about how the Service is used. In the manner that is described in item 5.4., Tink can through analysis of data also create and process for example user profiles and information about the user’s habits, behaviour, needs and preferences.
    4. Tink processes your personal data with the aim of providing, administrating, developing and customising the service and its functionalities, to administer the customer relationship with you and to meet the security and other statutory requirements. Furthermore, Tink processes your personal data in order to provide you with better and more personal offers and service. Personal data may in this way for example be processes and analysed in order that, through targeted marketing provide information, offers and recommendations about our own or our partners’ goods and services are customised according to the users’ preferences, behaviour, needs and lifestyle. In order to accomplish this Tink can make divisions of the users based on the personal data that is processed. The divisions may take place in accordance with specific criteria, e.g. the size and frequency of transactions during periods, purchases of certain kinds of goods and services or transactions made in certain areas or type of shops, as well as demographic information. The data may also comprise the basis for marketing and customer analysis as well as business and method development.
    5. Anonymous data may at an aggregated level be used for example in comparison services and in marketing surveys. Tink has the right to freely have at its disposal and send out or sell such anonymous data.
    6. Tink will under no circumstances send out, sell or in any other way publish identifiable information about you as a user.
    7. Tink is responsible for personal data under the Personal data Act. Once a calendar year you have the right, through a signed, written application, to receive a register extract about what personal data about you is registered. Tink will at your request or at its own initiative correct information that is found to be incorrect. You can withdraw submitted consent by contacting Tink. If you object to processing for direct marketing you should notify Tink about this in writing.
    8. A user’s personal data is only monitored as long as there is a need to monitor it to fulfil the purpose that the data was collected for.
    9. You can at any time close your Tink account and your use of the Service. Tink will then erase all External Login Details and all other information that can be referred to you.
  6. Force Majeure

    A party is not responsible for delay or loss due to circumstances that the party has no control of and which significantly hampers the fulfilment of the obligations in question or which results in the fulfilment of the obligations not being financially justifiable.

  7. Other

    1. Tink has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms. Furthermore, Tink has the right to subcontract the performance of its obligations.
    2. Disputes arising from the Terms or your use of the Service shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law and by a Swedish court.