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5 900 SEK/year

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Mortgage-rate example

Example: For a mortgage loan of 1 million SEK with a mortgage rate of 1.69%

The effective rate is 1,70%. the first payment due will be 3075 SEK. With an unchanged mortgage rate for 50 years, the total amount to pay off would be 1 423 205 SEK. If you have income in a currency other than SEK, currency fluctuations may affect the amount payable. A condition for the loan is that it is associated with liens on real estate, leasehold or condominium, or similar law.

Move your mortgage in 5 minutes

  • 1. Add the bank where you have your mortgage

  • 2. Get interest rate offers from multiple banks

  • 3. Move your mortgage and lower your rate

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It should be easy to move mortgages

Tink negotiates the mortgage rate for you

The mortgage rates offered in Tink are tailored for you and your personal finances.

Move your mortgage without switching banks

You are not required to move anything other than your mortgage.

Always free

We charge the banks, not our users.

Mortgage statistics

  • 1,00%
  • 2,00%
  • 3,00%

Mortgage rate distribution over Tink’s 400 000 users

1 out of 3 has a mortgage rate around 2% – often, this is because you have not negotiated your rate or lost your rate discount.

We think everyone should have the rate they deserve!

Download Tink and find out what mortgage rate you would get

About Tink

Tink AB (556898-2192) is a regulated mortgage credit company under the supervision of the FSA (Finansinspektionen). Tink conducts mediation of consumer credit in accordance with Mortgage Credit Act (2016:1024). Tink is not an independent credit intermediaries and has partnered with some of the leading banks in Sweden. Our partners to date are SEB, SBAB and Collector Bank. Tink does not provide advice on mediation of financial products.