Increasing Video Watch Time

If you have a YouTube channel, having great content is essential.  This is to make sure that people will stay longer watching your content. But the question is, how can you keep people stay in watching your videos? And to help with that, we have prepared some useful guides that you can do to increase […]

Youtube around the world

How to Increase YouTube Subscribe Fast

According to the research, almost one billion hours of YouTube are watched daily by users all over the world. That is corresponding to 8.4 minutes a day for every user. Because of the popularity of YouTube, it is hard for social media marketers to take the video marketing channel for granted. However, with extreme fame […]

How to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Channel Performance

Amassing millions of subscribers on YouTube is not an easy endeavor. Some have struggle breaking the one-hundred subscriber mark. So, you might be wondering what the secret of people with a big name on YouTube is. Lucky are those who have established a name for themselves before joining in the fun. These include celebrities because […]