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If you are wondering how to get more views on YouTube, you have come to the right place. This guide gives you insight as to how this whole process works, as well as its pros and cons.

Whether you are a makeup artist, business owner, a community influencer, or a gamer, you are not alone if you struggle with the number of views you can get. Many of those starting out on YouTube are inevitably faced with the same problem – gaining traction with their content and seeing actual growth in their channel. In this saturated space, it can be hard to stand out if you are not perceived by customers or viewers as an authoritative source or business for videos. This is where purchasing YouTube views comes in.

When it comes down to how to get views on YouTube, many immediately associate buying views with cheating and an unfair advantage. The truth of the matter is that you can buy views and it is one of the common ways to get more likes. While it is possible to rely on organic traffic to bump up your views on videos, this is a lengthy process if you are just starting out. This makes it even more impossible to compete against big name players who are in the business of getting a million YouTube views or more.

In order to stand a chance of competing in the YouTube space as a business or influencer, you are going to need some additional help in the beginning. Read on to find out the ways in which buying views can benefit your YouTube channel and boost your social media account.

Pros of Buying YouTube Views

Generate Social Proof

What is social proof exactly? Also known as the ‘bandwagon effect’, this is a phenomenon whereby people act on assumptions based on the actions of those around them. This applies to common decisions in everyday life, such as decisions on what to buy, or which particular service providers people should frequent.

In the case of YouTube, people look to the number of views when they decide what to consume. This is based on the assumption that the view count is a good indicator of how worthwhile the content is. The number of views effectively acts as a social signal.

If the YouTube video is perceived as popular, people are more likely to decide that your content is worth watching. On the contrary, if your view count is low, there is the off-chance that someone gives it a chance, but the majority of people are likely to go in the direction of a YouTube video with a substantially larger following.

Of course, this method may not coincide with reality all the time, but it is an extremely efficient method that helps people with their decision-making, and which no one is able to ignore.

By making your content look authoritative, social signals establish you as a source of influence within your niche. This pretty much follows the line of thought that is, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ With social proof comes greater exposure and visibility that can help your content to compete in an extremely saturated space…and of course, get a lot more likes.

Increase Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Ranking 

According to YouTube, more than 70 percent of the time spent on the platform is dedicated to watching what the algorithm recommends. This speaks volumes about how important it is for your video to get picked up by the algorithm – it maximizes chances of your YouTube video being discovered.

So what does YouTube’s algorithm do? It aggregates data to display the most relevant search results for a particular query. Search results on YouTube are ranked in order according to two factors: how well your video fits the user’s query, as well as how well it has already engaged viewers (pre-existing YouTube likes, comments, and watchtime).

While parameters are constantly evolving as YouTube makes adjustments to its algorithm, user engagement remains an important factor in the discovery of your videos as we currently understand it.

YouTube does maintain that search results are more than just a list of the most watched videos for a particular query. However, it does make sense to make sure that your video is in the best position to get discovered. Unless your video has demonstrated pre-existing user engagement, it is hard for it to rank on the YouTube search engine, and that is where buying views comes in.

Get More Organic Views

This leads us on to the next point – getting more views organically. Once you start ranking consistently on YouTube’s SERP, your video thumbnails are going to be seen by more targeted people. Your videos also get recommended on others’ watch feeds. This increases the reach of your videos – more viewers are inclined to click through your videos and consume your content.

This feedbacks to YouTube’s algorithm that your content is compelling, leading to somewhat of a snowball effect. The platform continues to recommend your content to more viewers who consume similar niche-related content and moves your video higher up the rankings. Also, as individual users interact with your content, the more the platform recommends more of your other content. This helps to grow your subscriber base, which is invaluable in providing you with a pool of regular viewers who contribute views consistently.

When your videos are discoverable organically, you are going to see growth in viewership without much effort. What starts as bought views can lead to a loyal base of organic subscribers, and this is the exact scenario we are gunning for. However, without the initial push, it is extremely time-consuming to jump-start this whole process. This is where you buy YouTube views to make sure you get off the ground.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

If you are looking to create a stream of income for yourself like a lot of content creators out there, buying views gives you a way to monetize your content eventually. Here’s a look at how to buy YouTube views to monetize your channel.

Google’s AdSense Program

Google AdSense offers a way for publishers to monetize their online content. Basically, this is a program that matches ads to your videos based on the type of content you create and viewers. You receive money for every click or per impression for the ads that appear on your videos.

However, there is a catch to all this. In order to monetize your content, you need to get over the initial hump of growing your viewership. This is because YouTube dictates a minimum watch time duration and view count for you to be qualified.

According to the latest YouTube monetization guidelines, your channel needs to have a minimum of 1000 YouTube subscribers to qualify for ad revenue. At the point of applying, you also need to have accumulated 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months.

What Else Should I Know About YouTube Monetization?

Changes on YouTube

Recent changes on YouTube have had a significant impact on the ad revenue that publishers stand to earn from their content. Such changes include the ability to skip ads, which eliminate them as potential sources of revenue.

Recent changes to monetization guidelines have also impacted its potential as a stream of revenue for publishers. Let’s take a closer look at how much you stand to earn from YouTube, according to the latest guidelines.

The way YouTube calculates payouts to publishers depends on two major factors – the cost per mille (CPM) or cost per thousand, and the cost per click (CPC). Publishers usually opt for one metric or the other, and this factors into the final computation of how much you stand to earn.

As a content creator on YouTube that qualifies for the AdSense Program, a portion of the money that YouTube makes (the amount that publishers spend on advertising) is channeled to you.

Let’s begin with the CPM. This can be understood as the amount earned for every 1000 ad impressions. Each time a viewer sees an ad counts as a single impression, and all publishers in the marketplace participate in an auction whereby their budget and bid amount determines the number of times their ad is seen.

CPC ads on the other hand, interpret an ad impression as a click-through rather than a viewer simply seeing it. This means that the publisher is not charged unless the viewer completes an action upon seeing the ad. In this way, most ads are CPC ads. Ads that offer viewers the option to skip and which users do not view for their entire duration are counted as CPM ads.

With some additional research, we have managed to find how much content creators stand to earn on the platform. As a general estimate, once a YouTube content creator qualifies for AdSense, the amount he can make averages around $2 to $5 for every 1,000 video views.

With this knowledge, you get a sense of how difficult it is to monetize videos. This excludes the initial lack of viewers you have to overcome in the first place. This is why bought views can give you an additional leg up in the beginning. Without some additional help, it can be nearly impossible to get things up and running just by relying on organic traffic alone.

Stay Competitive

With easy access to technology and the democratization of content production, it has become easier than ever for just about anyone to produce content. Without some tricks up your sleeve, it can be extremely hard to make sure you have an edge in this competitive space.

YouTube sees close to 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute, so your content is in direct competition with every video that gets uploaded.

While quality matters, it is safe to say that the credibility of your videos matters more. Even with a perfectly optimized video and thumbnail, your video could very simply be edged out of the competition. All that is required for that to happen is your video being lined up against a video that has generated a substantially larger following.

Buying views prevents viewers from perceiving your videos as low-quality on the basis of view count alone, and puts you on par with other competitors in the same space.

Cons of Buying YouTube Views

You Run the Risk of Getting Banned or Suspended from YouTube

If you decide to buy YouTube views, you can face real risk to your reputation as a result of YouTube’s disciplinary action.

A possible scenario is that your video gets taken down for what is considered by YouTube as ‘view count gaming’. In the event that this does happen, there is an appeals process. It is possible to try to restore your content by filling out the YouTube View Abuse Appeal Form.

However, you may be heavily penalized if you have a history of view count gaming. Being caught more than once for gaming the system might eventually result in your videos being completely removed and your account facing disciplinary action such as suspension.

That said, it is worth taking note thatthe actual likelihood of all these happening is fairly small when you buy views, if these are legitimate views by real people. With real human views, there is absolutely no reason for YouTube to flag your account.

To prevent problems related to your reputation or permanent penalties, you should make sure your videos do not attract the wrong kind of attention. It is only when this happens that your account gets flagged by YouTube.

We go into more detail below by discussing what to look out for if you decide to go ahead to buy YouTube views.

Low-Quality Views Can Be Removed from YouTube

If you decide to buy YouTube views, there is a chance that some of those views may get removed by YouTube as part of its auditing process. YouTube routinely clears out fake subscriber accounts and fake or ‘dead’ views. When this happens, you may notice a sudden drop in the number of views your videos have accumulated.

It is not difficult to find examples where this has happened, even with users that have tens of thousands of views. In December 2012, YouTube stripped Universal Music of more than one billion views from their music videos, leaving the group with views on only five videos on the platform. Sony, another huge player in the industry, suffered the same fate and lost 850 million YouTube views in one day.

This underscores the importance of finding reliable YouTube views buying source so that the chances of suffering these consequences later on are greatly minimized. However, such things can happen in spite of your best efforts when you buy views, so it may be a good idea to check if the YouTube views buy site has some sort of refund policy in place.

YouTube Purchased Views Do Not Equate to Real Customers

While purchased views can generate social proof for your videos, you should not confuse your growth in viewership with actual YouTube subscribers, or paying customers, if you have products. When you buy views, the views are simply there to ‘get your foot through the door’, and is not an actual substitute for the value that you provide to your viewers. The value that you provide is ultimately responsible for retaining viewers as well as growing engagement numbers on your YouTube channel.

You May Be Susceptible to Online Fraud

Besides running the risk of getting penalized, you may also be vulnerable to scam YouTube views buy websites. More often than not, fraudulent providers of YouTube views actually outnumber the quality sites that deliver reliable services. If you do not know what to look out for, purchasing views can be extremely dangerous. Fraudulent providers can endanger your reputation, and cause you to lose time and money in the process.

YouTube Purchased Views Do Not Account Entirely for Organic Growth

If you decide to buy YouTube views, it is crucial that you go into it with the full understanding that it is not the full picture to success. There are a lot more steps that involve planning, implementation, and setting up your videos for organic growth. This section goes into these other areas so you can get a more balanced view of what you are up against.

Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails On YouTube

While this can seem like a relatively straightforward step, a surprising number of users on the platform neglect including an attractive video thumbnail. Being the first thing that anyone sees, the thumbnail plays an important role in getting views. Viewers have to be intrigued enough to click through to your video. If you are a novice user and competing against more veteran users on the platform, dedicating some effort toward this extra step to get views can only work in your favor. 

Focus on the Metadata of Your YouTube Videos

The metadata of your videos is another key element that contributes to the discoverability of your content. If you are looking to monetize your content, this is the information that the platform crawls to determine the niche your content falls into. By extension, it is important to use the right keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags to get views. Without accurate keyword information, YouTube may end up pairing your videos with advertisers that aren’t right for your target audience.

This negatively affects how your video engagement on two levels. First, including the wrong keywords causes your videos to end up in front of the wrong eyeballs – the content doesn’t end up being viewed by people who are most interested in it. Secondly, this affects the click-through rate of your videos, the ads that run won’t be a good fit and thus are less likely to be clicked upon. Again, all this is worth dedicated effort to ensure that your content is optimized for your target audience.

Now that you have understood the importance of metadata, let’s take a closer look at how you can leverage on metadata to enhance your videos monetization, as well as make them more searchable.

First of all, you need to identify the keywords (real words or phrases that people type into the search box) when they are looking for videos like yours. This process is known as keyword research and helps you to verify that the terms you include in your videos actually square with the ones viewers are using to discover content.

You can utilize Google’s keyword research tool to discover what people are searching for. Another way is to look for successful videos in your content niche and find out what keywords these content creators are using in their videos.

Once you have done this, you are ready to insert the most important keywords that accurately represent your video’s contents in the front of your video title. Then, include the most important 2 or 3 keywords in the video description. Finally, utilize the video tags and include every relevant keyword in this component. 

By doing this, you give the platform accurate information to crawl. This ensures that your content is targeted and matched to a suitable audience, which brings about better user engagement and higher retention in turn.

Include Appropriate Call-to-Actions Within Your YouTube Videos

One of the most noteworthy features that YouTube has added to the platform most recently is the ability to let users include clickable links within the video playback. Maximize the use of this feature to get more views by directing viewers to another online asset (your business page or website) or related content on your YouTube channel. If you have an active social media presence, you can also utilize your social networks here.

If your videos are interesting enough, this encourages viewers to have repeated interactions with your content. This is extremely useful in nurturing your viewers into loyal YouTube subscribers, which provides you with a loyal fanbase that in turn generates the continued growth of views for your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives to Buying YouTube views?

The alternatives are to opt for paid advertising options or grow your YouTube channel organically.

Aren’t All YouTube Bought views fake? How Can I Buy ‘Real’ YouTube Views?

A common misconception is that you can’t buy ‘real’ views. So, what constitutes a real view? Simply put, in YouTube’s case, a view is considered authentic if there is a genuine YouTube account associated with it.

Buying YouTube views does not automatically discount the authenticity of the view. It just means the content is ‘pushed’ to the viewer one way or another, or he is incentivized or compensated for viewing the content. The opposite here is the viewer consuming the content without being compensated for it.

If you buy YouTube views from legitimate sources, the views are not generated by bots. Those who contribute the views you buy may not engage further with the content you create, but that’s totally fine. The objective here is to generate the social proof needed to broaden the reach of your videos.

Under its fake engagement policy, YouTube states that video views generated by certain third-party businesses and services to artificially inflate YouTube likes, views, or video comments are not taken into account. It says this can lead to disciplinary action such as video removal and account suspension.

YouTube actually differentiates such third-party generated views from the legitimate paid options it promotes. These simply refer to sponsored ads or paid promotional content, such as paid advertising through Google AdWords or YouTube’s TrueView. Contrary to bought YouTube views, YouTube encourages users to utilize these paid options.

If you think about it, there doesn’t seem to be much of a clear difference between YouTube ‘approved’ tactics and the methods we go into. These discount the bot views already mentioned which YouTube automatically flags.

Nowhere is it explicitly stated that you are not allowed to buy YouTube views. Buying youtube views is not explicitly banned or forbidden on Youtube’s Terms of Service (TOS). Our guess is that since there’s a way in which sponsored advertising and paid promotional content could be seen as buying views, this accounts for why YouTube hasn’t explicitly banned it.

As long as you do the extra legwork before committing to a buy, you are buying views from sources that contribute to the actual growth of your viewership.

How Do These Companies Deliver YouTube Views?

How you get more views comes down to the company or provider you buy from. Buying views from redirects, using pop-under ads, partnerships with social media networks, rewarding or incentivizing users to watch your video, and click farms are all ways in which Youtube views get delivered.

If you are looking to buy views, you should buy views from sources according to the quality of targeted video views they deliver, viewer engagement, responsiveness, money back guarantee, and turnaround time.

Are Fake YouTube Views Just As Good?

Fake views in this case refer to automated bot views. In some instances, you may hear of people getting away with undetected fake YouTube views. While there is a possibility that this is true, automated views carry a dangerously elevated risk of detection.

While you may get away with them, there’s also a very real risk that you may not. Safe to say, there is much more to lose if such views get detected. You are looking at huge losses and a potential waste of your time, effort, and money.

Are All YouTube Bought Views the Same?

Bought views can vary widely, in terms of viewer retention, click through rates, location, and referrals. It is a good idea to know what your needs are, and that in turn can guide your evaluation of YouTube views buy websites and your final decision.

As a general guide, cheap views are typically low-quality and are obtained via click farms. Quality views usually come from sources like websites, social media platforms, or referrals. If your end goal is to monetize and generate a steady stream of revenue from your videos, then click farm views won’t give you that long term value for your money. Instead, look for real monetizable views that are generated through quality web or social media services.

If, on the other hand, you just need to bump up your numbers in the short-term so as to make your video look more presentable, then there are lower quality views that can do the job. Ultimately, it all comes down to whether you are looking for a quick fix or the success of your videos in the long run.

Is it Legal to Buy YouTube Views?

There are no legislations which outlaw the buying of YouTube views. In fact, YouTube itself encourages you to buy views through means of paid advertising. It deems buying views via paid promotions and sponsored content, through the platform itself, to be ‘legitimate’ and differentiates these methods from those explored in this guide.

It is worth noting, however, that the distinctions drawn by YouTube aren’t all that clear. As long as you are purchasing traffic that comprises views by real people, there is no reason why you should not buy views from third-party providers that are not YouTube-approved. 

You aren’t going to get in trouble with the law if you decide to buy real views. What you do need to consider, however, is the reputational risk involved and the real possibility of facing disciplinary action from YouTube.

If I Buy YouTube Views, Am I Guaranteed Success?

At the end of the day, buying YouTube views gives you the visibility your content needs. It is ultimately only one piece of the puzzle that contributes toward the overall success of your videos. 

If you decide to buy YouTube views, it can’t guarantee success in the long term, promise conversions, or user engagement. You cannot rely on the social signals alone to do the work.

Once viewers discover your channel, the content has to be compelling enough to so that viewership is retained. If viewers arrive at your videos and then leave afterwards, the value of the views you buy simply isn’t maximized. Dedicated efforts toward the quality of content, and nurturing viewers so they convert into loyal subscribers are just as important.

If you decide to buy YouTube views, remember it is a short-term method that is best viewed as a way to jumpstart organic growth.

Things to be Aware of Before Buying YouTube Views

As it was briefly touched on earlier, you should exercise discretion if you decide to buy YouTube views. YouTube views buying isn’t what actually hurts your YouTube channel, it’s not doing prior due diligence that affects your chances of success.

Providers offering money-back guarantees and high-retention views are preferred to click farm views. They are usually dirt cheap but extremely low-quality views. With automated or bot views, you have little else to show for those numbers that you get, and there’s a real chance that these hurt your chances of ranking on the SERP.

You get what you pay for, so be sure to do your due diligence before forking out money. This section goes into what to look for before you buy YouTube views, as well as what you should consider when choosing YouTube views buying websites.

Buy YouTube Views from a Similar Demographic

In order to understand the importance of buying views from the right source, it helps to know how YouTube evaluates views. YouTube ranks views based on user location and the quality of viewer engagement. The best way forward if you are buying views is to buy real human views that are targeted. This means that most of the views purchased should originate from a viewer location specific to your demographic.

For example, if your location is specific to the US, you want YouTube views from locations such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. It is a dead giveaway if you are in the US but YouTube picks up that the bulk of your views come from somewhere like Russia or China. If the views predominantly come from Russia, Asia, or Eastern Europe, you run the risk of being penalized by YouTube.

The Importance of YouTube Watch Times

YouTube has consistently been changing the parameters of its algorithm. Before 2012, the total number of views was the primary factor for ranking on the search results page. However, YouTube has since updated its algorithm to factor in more metrics besides number of views that determine how well a video engages its viewers.

Besides looking at the number of viewers that click through to your video, YouTube also considers watch times, or audience retention. This metric measures the aggregated amount of time users spend on your video without navigating away, and is a measure of how compelling the content is to them. Videos topping in this metric get higher overall viewing times in general.

How is audience retention measured? This metric is usually expressed as a percentage of the video watched. For example, if a viewer watches 3 minutes of a 4-minute long video, then the retention is 75 percent. 

  • High Retention: A video that is qualified as such usually means the views offer a retention rate of at least 80 percent.
  • Mixed Retention: This means there are differences in the retention rates across videos from the same user. In most cases, the retention rate for these views falls in the region of 30 to 60 percent.
  • Low Retention: The retention rate for these views is in the region of under 15 percent. The dismal rating means that these are barely considered views in the eyes of YouTube. 
  • Organic Retention: This category is one that has started appearing more recently. Views that fall under this category have an unspecified retention rate, since the traffic is organic. It is thus not possible to control how long a viewer spends on a video. 

Given the qualitative nature of this metric, YouTube considers it to be more difficult to manipulate. If you go ahead to buy YouTube views, bear in mind that YouTube assigns it greater weight relative to the other user engagement metrics. This has implications on the type of providers you want to consider when deciding to buy YouTube views.

Now, based on our understanding of the YouTube algorithm, the criteria of high-retention views should be used to evaluate any potential YouTube views buying site. High-retention views is the only way to get the most value out of the views you do buy since these are what get you to rank on the YouTube SERP.

Providers that don’t offer high-retention views, or that claim to provide them but also promise to deliver them unreasonably quickly, are YouTube views buying sites you should stay away from. These provide fake engagement, or low-retention views, that do not create the desired effect of high search rankings.

Another related point here is that it makes sense to buy from providers which provide active viewers who have a history of engagement on the platform. History of activity boosts the credibility of the views as it indicates to YouTube that these are genuine users. You can learn more valuable information on how to increase video retention time.

Balance Out YouTube Views with Other Social Signals

If you do go ahead to buy YouTube views, it is of vital importance that you supplement that with YouTube likes and video comments. A sure red flag for YouTube is the presence of views in large numbers but without accompanying social signals that indicate the authenticity of these views.

Signals of social engagement such as YouTube likes, dislikes, shares, also count toward the overall impression that viewers get of your channel’s influence. If your video shows balanced user interaction across all these various engagement metrics, then it is going to be hard for anyone, including Youtube, to differentiate between these and organic users.

Check the Reputation of the YouTube View-Buying Site

While there are a lot of YouTube views buying sites out there, bought views can have significant differences in quality. Checking the reputation of the site is important in safeguarding against scam views buying sites that can potentially hurt your reputation.

Learn About the YouTube View-Buying Site’s Delivery Method

Understanding the YouTube views buying site’s delivery method allows you to suss out any potential red flags or glaring issues before the views are actually delivered, which have the potential to do more harm than good if done incorrectly. The delivery method is possibly one of the most important considerations that determine the quality of the service, so it is of utmost importance that you pay attention to this. 

If the YouTube views buying site promises to deliver all the views at the same time, you have to exercise caution about what this could mean for your account. There is a high chance that providers claiming this are scams and fraudulent providers, since these views are likely to be automated bot views. These present a real concern for YouTube and you run the risk of being penalized. If it promises fast turnaround times, such as within 24 hours, it may be a good idea to do additional research on the reliability of the site as well.

When evaluating the YouTube views buying site’s delivery method, ensure that views are not delivered all at the same time, within 24 hours. Such delivery tactics mimic a certain pattern, and patterns are easily flagged by YouTube as suspicious activity. Instead, you should aim for reasonable delivery times – one week or one month depending on the number of YouTube views you are purchasing.

In addition, views should not be purchased right after you upload a video, such as within 24 hours. Doing this might cause YouTube spam protection to flag your video as such. Generally speaking, gradual delivery times are preferred to very fast deliveries, since this mimics the pattern of organic growth more naturally.

Which is the Best Site to Buy YouTube Views?

You can do additional research on any other YouTube views buy sites that you come across to determine the best site to buy YouTube views. There are some things to keep in mind when you are looking on how to buy views on YouTube.

Depending on your needs and if your situation allows for it, you may want to opt for a bulk order with a substantial number of views. If you are making a decision on the number of views to buy, it may be helpful to bear in mind that most users who create content on the platform are gunning for the 1 million YouTube subscriber mark. While a million YouTube views does not guarantee you that same number of subscribers, a higher volume of views can accelerate your progress toward that goal.

YouTube even offers recognition in terms of their ‘play button’ for content producers who attain this milestone, so 1 million YouTube subscribers is widely regarded as the benchmark of YouTube success. If you have ascertained that the YouTube views buying site is a trusted provider, buying views in bulk also ensures you get the most value for your money.

If you have a budget to stick to, one of the most important factors is price. There are YouTube views buying sites that offer you YouTube views at a range of price points, from lower-end views that start from $2 for 1,000 views to higher-end views that come in packages of 1 million YouTube views for $999.

In the event that the site offers a trial, it may ask for your credit card information. Should you decide to terminate the service after the trial ends, make sure you cancel to avoid your credit card being charged.

Most YouTube views buying sites offer the full suite of options. In addition to YouTube views, you can buy likes, comments, as well as buy youtube subscribers. These are a YouTube views buying site you want to consider if you are looking for all-round user engagement since they offer a whole range of YouTube services. Signing up for one of these packages automatically takes care of the other relevant engagement metrics, so there is no need to shop around for YouTube likes or promotion services after you buy YouTube views. 

If the whole range of YouTube services is offered, the buy views YouTube packages may be comparatively pricier. Some sites offer great user experience by making it extremely easy to buy YouTube views. On the homepage, simply include the link to the video you want to be promoted and select the corresponding number of views you want to be associated with it from a dropdown list. You also have the option to choose any add-ons you want, such as the likes you want to be included in your package along with your views.

However, retention guarantees may not always be offered along with buy views YouTube packages. If there is a hefty price tag attached, it is not apparent that the views on their site are ultimately worth their price, as audience retention is a critical feature that contributes significantly toward the quality of these views.

It is still common for services to have limited engagement options. If the services do not come with YouTube likes or comments, it can ultimately affect overall user credibility and raise questions about the authenticity of your YouTube views. On the other hand, while you have the option to buy pretty much anything, some sites may not deliver on various areas like quality, retention, engagement, and customer support.

Lastly, you want to consider the turnaround times for the YouTube services these sites offer. If they claim they have some of the fastest available turnaround times on the market, it should be within a period of two days. Other plus points include full money-back guarantees for all their services and genuine high-retention YouTube views.


To sum up, buying views is ultimately not free of risks. It definitely has the potential to pay off, but can endanger future success of your channel if it isn’t done correctly.

That said, doing so presents a real opportunity for you to jumpstart your channel’s growth. As long as you buy real YouTube views, that is, views that are not bot-generated, these have the potential to reap you benefits down the line. In line with other efforts to optimize your channel, it can be a formula for success.